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City of the Founders Cover

Meet fantastic Italian artist Daniela Giubellini

Today we get to chat with artist Daniela Giubellini, a great lady and friend of mine who hails from the land of Michelangelo and Da Vinci and creates fantastic, beautiful images of her own. She has designed the three gorgeous characters portraits of Romulus, Sabrina and Max for my Romulus Buckle novel series and we are planning on putting together a children’s book she will illustrate.

Romulus Buckle Back Rif 2It won’t surprise you to learn that she has a number of other professional projects under way as well, and I feel extremely lucky that she takes the time to work with me. Let’s get to know Daniela Giubellini!

Quest 2 1Q: Hi Daniela! Thank you so much for taking the time to guest post on my blog. Please introduce us to your art and what you do:

A: Hey there! I’m Daniela and… how do other people do interviews? I have to talk about me, right? Well, that scares me to hell! I’m one of those creatures that during the day hides in dark places and loves to draw. We are called illustrators. I guess we are very shy and fascinating creatures You surely have met some of them, though they show themselves mostly when the sun goes down.

l.phpWhat am I up to? Right now I’m making concept art for Studio Croma, a stop motion studio in Bologna and I’m teaching Photoshop and digital painting in a high school to other little creatures called “illustrators’ cubs”.

Q: I love the idea of ‘illustrators’ cubs!’ You designed and created the character portraits of the three main characters from my Romulus Buckle novels: they have a fabulous look—could you tell us a little about your technique and process involved? Is there a specific name for this style of art?

Quest 2 _2A: I don’t use a technique in particular; I like to experiment a lot! It also depends on what inspired me and on what I’m working on. Right now I like to work with forms and silhouettes, with a sort of gummy taste on the images. But I usually use the gray scale technique (the one where you paint everything in gray scale and slowly add colors later, it works fine for me!)

Romu Max the martian RifA piece of advice? Never think that finding perfection in the technique is more important that the passion you can put in your work.The truth is that what you need most are love and passion. I’ve seen professional artists who mastered the technique giving life to soulless perfection, and guys who had barely touched a pencil before showing me images that I’ll never forget.

Wow, sorry, that sounded cheap! But yeah, then again: if you want to work, of course you need the technique, but heart is what makes you different from the others (says a young woman that sounds like someone who wants to be a Disney princess!)

Quest 3 _1Q: I agree–heart is everything, combined with the discipline to learn the technique. What unique artistic challenges did you face when creating the character portraits?

A: I believe that there’s always a boundary between the character and the creator.
I try to understand what it is, and then I show that with my image . . . well, I try. And usually there’s always so little time to know all about the character you’re about to work on. It’s important to me that the character’s owner sees his own character and not a generic book-cover-shot. Every character has a soul and a story, I just want to make the viewer to feel it.

Quest 3 _2Q: For readers who don’t know you, can we see some other examples of your art and some of the many other projects you’ve done? Can you tell us a bit about the atmosphere or effect you wanted to create with each image? (Pick a few of your favorites here)

A: Argh! My most recent work is covered by contract, so I can’t show you!

Quest 4 _1Well, I really like these two from The Circus of Namtas (one of my projects that is waiting for me to finish it). Those are kinda old images, despite the fact that I’ve never published one of those. There are plenty of images I’ve never found the right moment to show . . . I should do it one time.

Quest 4 _2I’ve done this one (below) for Laura Fornasari, a dear friend of mine, for the cover of her book Tears of Ishtar. I chose it because it’s one of the few pieces which I actually have something more I want to say about it. Laura has always been incredible in writing good action and characters you care about, so I wanted to show that on the cover of her book.

Quest 4 _3I wanted to show two of the main characters in a tense situation, so the viewer is led to wonder what is happening to them, or who they are, what have they done. Why is there a fire behind their back? Why one of them is green? Is it in the book or . . . well, you get the point. In general, I want to give the viewer something to fantasize about.

And this is my favorite. I will leave you to wonder about this one.

Quest 4 _4Q: I absolutely love that picture! Who are your favorite artists? Which artists tend to influence your work?

A: I really like Boris Pelcer, Wesley Burt, Joao Ruas and James Jean. Also Zdzislaw Beksinski and HR Giger inspired me a lot.

Quest 5 _1But actually i’d say movies and Directors influence me the most. I love Tarkowsky’s locations and atmosphere, and Hitchcock for lights and shots. Also David Lynch for mind-fuck moments (and furniture!) and Lars Von Triers for aesthetic.

Quest 5 _2Also music is a big inspiration for me. When I feel out of ideas, I have a list of songs that put me in the mood. And one thing that never fails to cheer me up is Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim, with a dancing Christopher Walken–it is the most epic thing I can imagine.

l.php 2Q: Movies and music are such a great inspiration! I love this haunting, beautiful GiF from a Tarkowsky film you posted on Facebook a while back:

giphy Russia DGOkay!  What’s coming up next?

A: Don’t know right now, but I have a couple of ideas, and also something that I hope that turns out really well for me and the people I’m working with.

Q: Ah the secret project! Good luck with it! You recently traveled to the United States. What was your favorite location you visited?

A: Argh, that’s also a tough question! I had a road trip with two dear friends. We took a car and we traveled across New England and Vermont. We also visited Chicago and I found the view of the skyscrapers mesmerizing. The food is crazy in every sense.
Chicago is awesome, wonderful experience.

Romu Sabrina RifOne day in Vermont we decided to reach our destination without the car, just to breathe fresh air and see some wildlife. After 4 hours of walking under the sun on a congested road we… we started to think that that wasn’t a great idea after all. We looked at the map we took at the souvenir shop just to find out that the distances were wrong and that we still had three more hours of walking to reach . . . the History of Maple Syrup Museum? We went back to town and spent the rest of the day eating waffles.
We saw a cow giving birth on the side of the road–doh!

Q: Lol! Well, I have to tell you, the long distances, congested roads, getting lost, cows and stuffing one’s self with waffles are all important parts of the American experience! And now, a few offbeat questions to showcase your wonderful Italian personality. First, what is your favorite restaurant and your favorite dish there?

A: Ah ah, all my favorite dishes are exotic, like sushi and chicken with curry. That’s not so Italian from me! Anyway if you want to check two typical dishes from where I’m from, you can try “Cappelletti parmigiani” (stuffed pasta) and “Torta d’erbi” (herbal cake).

Quest 11 2Q: Second, if you were reincarnated as an animal, what would you be?

A: Ah ah, it’s The Visit question! (Yeah, I watch Shyamalan, shame on me, but I’ve become a big horror fan thanks to him). Anyway I love this question! Let me think…
I usually think that bees and ants are the best, and that cockroaches will conquer the earth… but I never wanted to be one of a million, and nobody wants to be a cockroach obviously… Pokemon is not a valid answer I guess . . . an owl. I’d be an owl.

l.php 3Q: Owl is good! Lastly, if you had to select one of your pieces of artwork to serve as your tombstone epitaph, what would it be?

A: I’m always torn between being poetic or silly as fuck. But life is ironic so, I’m gonna go with this completely out of contest one:

Quest 10Thanks so much for sharing, Daniela Giubellini!

Dani: Thanks to you Richard!


oh_my_god__by_rivan145th-d594wzuDaniela Giubellini lives in Bologna, Italy.


The Romulus Buckle Trading Post Grand Opening

Well, since you’re not spending your money on HASBRO’S STUPID STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS MONOPOLY WITH NO REY CHARACTER, I’d like to announce the opening of the Romulus Buckle Trading Post, due to the popular demand of several people, where you can purchase all kinds of Romulus Buckle-themed gear (sorry, no zeppelins) such as t-shirts, mugs and posters. We even have Office Space sorta FLAIR. You can click on the header link below, and there is also a permanent link to the Store on the main Blog page.

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Release Day for “Romulus Buckle & the Luminiferous Aether”

So, here we are at last! Release Day for Romulus Buckle and the Luminiferous Aether has arrived and I am thrilled with the support I’ve received from family, fellow authors and readers. I hope everyone enjoys the book, and the paperback version will be available mid-January. Thank you!

Also, please remember there are a couple of Giveaways for free Kindle copies out there, attached to my first three chapter sneak peek at SFSignal and my character art reveal at The Qwillery! You can check both articles out further in the blog posts preceding this one.

Romulus Buckle III Final Luminiferous Aether