What’s coming for 2015

Hi all. I’ve been quiet here on the blog lately and apologies for that. I have been writing a lot, and I’ve been writing a lot since the beginning of last year. My PROBLEM, however, is that I’ve been bouncing between FIVE projects, both indie and agent submissions, and I’ll never do that again. LEARNED MY LESSON, I did, Yoda might say. So, here is my rough upcoming schedule for 2015 (please keep in mind that most of these are entirely written as drafts and in various stages of editing) starting with the independent release of my third Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin novel, Romulus Buckle and the Luminiferous Aether.

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The League of the Sphinx and the Purple Scarab (action-adventure) Released Jan, 2015 and now releases free on Wattpad in May.
Romulus Buckle and the Luminiferous Aether (steampunk) TBR June, 2015
WW2 Russia Historical Fiction manuscript (agent begins submissions in summer)
The Illuminated Mind: medieval, new weird, a novella-sized collection of 4 short stories (Fall, 2015)
Diesel City:  a dieselpunk noir (agent begins submissions in winter)

“The League of the Sphinx: The Purple Scarab” Release Day

Well, the book is here. The League of the Sphinx: the Purple Scarab, Kindle version, has hit the digital shelves. The paperback edition will follow shortly, but I don’t have an exact date on that. I am really going to enjoy writing this 7-installment Middle Grade/Young Adult series and I hope you guys enjoy reading it. (And you can also read the Prologue FREE and check out a nice early review of the book at The Qwillery website.)

rev1_LeagueOfSphinxFINAL_500DoublePurpleScarab(Cover design by Roberto Calas) (Graphic Card design by Shelley Preston) (Double Cover/Graphic Card courtesy of J. Kenner)

Lots of Goodies (and my stuff) in “IMAGINARIUM”

Hey, if you yearn, YEARN for a boatload of short stories (6) and a couple of novels from accomplished authors all for the low, low price of $1.99, go ahead and pick up Imaginarium: A Collection of Westmarch Fiction.  It’s an eclectic grouping of tales from an eclectic bunch of brains, and it includes my Romulus Buckle short story “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Find it on Amazon by clicking on the cover image below.

Imaginarium coverImaginarium houses works from authors Denise Grover Swank, Cynthia Moyer, Melissa Olson, Joseph Brassey, Angela D. Mitchell, Stant Litore and Robert Kroese as well as myself. If you do pick it up, please consider leaving a review when you’ve absorbed the bon mots and verbal escargot contained within. And thanks for supporting our little Indie press, Westmarch Publishing!