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Hey, so, I don’t often post reviews of my books but this pair of wonderful reviews of Romulus Buckle & the Pneumatic Zeppelin by a father and his 11 y/o daughter (who really connected to the female characters) at Geekin’ Podcast & Blog was too nice not to ego-harp about just a bit.


Comic Book Perfection: An Early Look at “Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons”

I’ve been given the opportunity to do an early read and review of Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons, the first in an alternative history action/adventure graphic novel trilogy set in 1914 England. Book one introduces “protagonist Miss Persephone Wright and her team of suffragette Amazons – a secret society of women, trained in the martial arts, who protect the leaders of the radical women’s rights movement just before World War One.”

Suffrajitsu Book 1 coverThis one is a winner. With Tony Wolf’s tight dialogue and Joao Vieira’s visceral illustrations driving the story forward, Suffrajitsu: Mrs. Pankhurst’s Amazons is a fun, intense, fast-moving, visually engaging treat generating plenty of locomotive power to flex the weight of its historic period without slowing its narrative. Characters launch out of their introductions into glorious motion and the plot twists bursting from the final pages set the bar high for the two installments to come – if the Suffrajitsu trilogy can live up to its own expectations this is going to be one hell of a ride.

The suffragettes of Suffrajitsu, silenced by their own government, learn to defend themselves so they can hold a podium long enough to make their voices heard, and their situation is well summed-up in one line of dialogue: “Ladylike means are all very well when one is dealing with gentlemen, but now you are dealing with politicians.”

Most of the characters and events of Suffrajitsu Book 1, including the real suffragette bodyguard team, are based on true history and can be explored on the Suffrajitsu website. There is also a link to a free series prequel Judith Lee short story which I have for you here.

Shoulder-to-shoulderSuffrajitsu is part of the Foreworld Graphic Novel Series from Jet City Comics. Full disclosure: I was given a free preview copy of this graphic novel in return for an honest and unbiased review.

Awesome Reading Review for City of the Founders

Now that Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War has released it is also generating a lot of interest (I hope) in the first book of the Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series, Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders.  This is the way it is supposed to work, with new readers discovering the series and purchasing the first book.  City of the Founders just got a wonderful 9 out of 10 rating on the Reading Review and I thought I’d post the link here.

Reading Review Header

Overall, Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders is an excellent read and I highly recommend this book to any lover of Science Fiction or the highly popular Steampunk theme. This is one of the coolest stories I have read in a while. So, if you are looking for a highly entertaining Science Fiction book and series, you need to pick up a copy of this book today, or even for someone else as a gift. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the second book in this series entitled Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War. It sure sounds like the Founders get their wish and start a war between the clans. It sounds very exciting. I rated this book a 9 out of 10.  — Conan Tigard, Reading Review 

Romulus Buckle gets Reviewed at Bite My Book

After a cover and author introduction on Monday and my guest blog on Tuesday (“The Nautilus in my Steampunk”, Michala at Bite My Book was kind enough to give Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders a thorough review at (awarding it a handsome 7.5 out of 10).  Drop by and take a look.  She has very nice things to say.

Bite My Book Monster

Bite My Book Monster