Wonderful blurb from Jeff VanderMeer

Sci-Fi sage and author Jeff VanderMeer was kind enough to give me a super-positive blurb regarding my Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin novel series which you can read below.  Disclosure: 47North cannot use the blurb because Jeff has been my development editor and there is a direct conflict of interest, but I wanted to publish his super-cool endorsement here anyway.  R.

“Full of wit, verve, daring and inventiveness, Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders is a wonderful read.  You’ll love the fun and adventure, but you’ll become addicted to the great characters and mind-blowing steampunk situations. Richard Preston is poised to become the Patrick O’Brian of the steampunk subgenre. A classic series in the making.” (Jeff VanderMeer, author of The Steampunk Bible)


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