Book 1 City of the Founders Complete

Well, that’s it.  They say there is nothing like publishing your first book, which in itself is a series of firsts, of course: first contract, first editors, first advance, first book cover, first development edit, first copy edit, first proofread, first advance review and, finally, the first time you hand the last pass of the manuscript off to the printer where it shall become a printed book, with all errors permanently entombed.  I sent 47North my last pass on the Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders proofread this week, and it was harder to do – emotionally – than many of the other much more difficult steps in the process.  The book, my first to be published, was leaving my hands forever, never to be tweaked or fretted over again.  The baby bird was ready, I had to believe, and I flung her from the nest.

I hope she can fly on her own.



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