Meeting my Agent in Person

I live in Los Angeles (or nearby, anyway) and my agent, the lovely Adrienne Lombardo, lives in New York City.  We have had quite a few telephone conversations and sent flurries of emails, but roughly about nine months into our partnership we had yet to meet in person.  So, when she came down to attend the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend we set up a meeting and I jumped into my car and drove down to ‘do lunch’ with my literary agent for the very first time.  I met Adrienne at an Irish pub (the 300 year old structure is actually transplanted from Waterford, Ireland) called the Dublin Square, located in the Gaslamp district of San Diego and a stone’s throw from the convention center.  I was a tiny bit apprehensive – not about Adrienne as a professional – she has always been crackerjack, in my opinion, but whether we might find each other’s personality distasteful once we were physically in the same room together.  I had always gotten a good vibe from Adrienne and I would have been shocked had I discovered we might be professional oil and water, but … how much can one trust telephone calls and emails as far as ‘knowing’ another person you have never met?  Well, Adrienne sat down at the table with me and – as I truly expected – she was as intelligent, attentive, honest and warm as all indications had evidenced she would be (of course I have no idea how I might have appeared to her!) and we had a nice ‘getting-to-know-you’ sort of lunch, discussing bits of the publishing industry and our lives and her listening to me wax on about projects I have on back burners or someday intend to write.  All in all, meeting my agent was a wonderful experience.  The fish and chips at the Dublin Square were very good, and perhaps a little luck of the Irish will rub off on our partnership and the projects we carry forward, now and in the future.  R.

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