I’d Like to Introduce You to Westmarch Publishing and our FREE Book Giveaway!

This past year I joined Westmarch Publishing, a new indie publishing house/author collective designed to help member authors bring their books to print. Here is the webpage blurb:

Founded in March 2014, Westmarch is a fiction writers’ collective. We offer each other cover, design, editing, marketing, and other publishing services, taking the place of a publishing house. We are passionate about each other’s work and believe that readers benefit when the writer owns his or her own creative product. We aren’t looking for new members right now, but may in the future.

WestmarchFinal_greenIt’s been a good place for me so far, and since 47North has decided not to continue my Romulus Buckle series past book 2, I am forging ahead with my new short story and Book 3 (Romulus Buckle & the Luminiferous Aether) as indies with Westmarch. And while my agent still handles all of my new manuscripts, anything that isn’t purchased by a traditional publisher will probably find an indie life under the Westmarch banner, such as the soon-to-arrive first book of my kid/young adult action/adventure series, The League of the Sphinx: the Purple Scarab.

The League of the Sphinx

The League of the Sphinx

And, right now (for about 5 more days), Westmarch is running a Book Giveaway on Twitter: 13 paperbacks signed by Westmarch participating authors, and my two Romulus Buckle books are in the pot. You can enter the raffle by clicking on the link below and following @WestmarchPub or ReTweeting the raffle message. Head on over and enter the raffle and thanks for supporting Westmarch!


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