100 Pages into Book 2

103 Pages into Romulus Buckle Book 2, closing in on end of Part I. Small “woot woot.” First draft is easy: editing is the tough part. Mired in backstory like a mad scientist in grave robbed body parts. Building an alternate World is complicated – should have written a book about contemporary hamsters. But it is deranged fun. R.

2 thoughts on “100 Pages into Book 2

  1. In the writer’s round table Olivia Grey and I had opposite takes on building alternate worlds, she finds it easier and more enjoyable to research history and weave a tale within it. I’d rather imagine it all; can’t be hanged for getting it wrong.

    • Winfield – I am good moving in either direction, depending on the demands of the story. My current project is a post-apocalyptic world with a re-imagined Victorian veneer, so I am doing a lot of research but I can pretty much cherry pick what I want or alter it at will, The machines hopefully have the feel and stink of reality, but I want the joy of the fantasy, so I don’t worry too much about the actual science. Thanks for your input!

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