Now Contributing to Winter is Coming (Game of Thrones Fan News Site)

I’ve parlayed my love for Game of Thrones into a job of sorts. I’ll be contributing articles to Winter is Coming, a Game of Thrones Fan News site which I have followed for quite

wiclogosome time. My articles will tend to be more literary, I think, with a proposed series on Game of Thrones character archetypes and on the Hero’s Journey (Campbell). If you crave Game of Thrones inside news and spoilers, swing by WiC to get the scoop!

My first WiC news article is Cinemax is adapting a GRRM story about werewolves for TV and you can read it by clicking on the image below.

Skin Trade GRRM


Guest Posting Down Under

I’m jazzed to be able to guest post on the blog of awesome author and pal Australian Mark T. Barnes where I talk about why I chose the steampunk genre for my novel series, what the heck steampunk actually is and how the series got published. And other stuff too. Click on image to follow the link to Mark’s Blog.