High Fantasy Super Deal: Garden of Stones and Obsidian Heart

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If you like immense, fabulously-crafted fantasy worlds, then you might want to consider today’s double Kindle Daily Deal in sci-fi/fantasy.  My pal and fellow author Mark T. Barnes has his first two Echoes of Empire series books, The Garden of Stones and The Obsidian Heart, available as ebooks for $1.99 each.  Today ONLY.  Take a serious look.  http://tinyurl.com/lsxkdv3

book1The Obsidian Heart









Zombies Past and Future Mania! (And Giveaway!)

Like Zombies?  Like History and Sci-Fi?  How about zombies ravaging Ancient Israel, 13th Century Florence, 14th Century England and the Far Distant Future?  Well, then I’ve got the link to the bona fide, best blood-splattered GIVEAWAY for you!


STRANGERS IN THE LAND by Stant Litore. 1160 BC. You’ve read about the 10 litore_sitlPlagues of Egypt. Now read about the time ancient Israel and one aging prophetess faced a plague of the walking dead.


THE SCOURGE by Roberto Calas. 14th Century. In this retelling of the Black Death, Sir Edward of Bodiam and two ofscourge-cover his knights search for Sir Edward’s wife across a nightmarish and zombie-infected England.

LAST BASTION OF THE LIVING by Rhiannon Frater. Distant Future. Vanguard Maria Martinez has lived her entire life within the towering walls of steel that protect the last survivors of fraterhumanity from the Inferi Scourge. Now she has been offered the opportunity to reclaim the lands outside her walled city, but she may have to sacrifice everything to do it.

VALLEY OF THE DEAD by Kim Paffenroth. 13th Century. valley-of-the-dead-by-kim-paffenrothDuring his exile from Florence, Dante Alighieri encounters an eastern Europe where the savagery of the dead is exceeded only by the cruelties of the living, in harrowing scenes that inspire his Inferno.



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Melissa Olson’s Faith and Fantasy Blog Series: Day 2

I have been given the distinct honor to appear on author Melissa Olson’s (Dead Spots) 12-day blog series: Faith and Fantasy: Twelve Days of Deliberation.

Logo Faith and Fantasy“Welcome to the twelve-day, twelve-author blog event, Faith and Fantasy: Twelve Days of Deliberation Today’s post is by steampunk author extraordinaire Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of the Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series. Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for a new post by returning MelissaFOlson.com guest blogger Kate Maruyama!”

I wax professorial about “God and the Alien” here: http://melissafolson.com/mfoblog/faith-and-fantasy-day-2-god-and-the-alien-by-richard-ellis-preston-jr

Melissa describes the blog series as: “For twelve days in December, beginning on Monday the 2nd, you can come to my website to read professional fantasy authors’ thoughts on everything from why Catholics like ghost stories to what ancient peoples might have named aliens “demons” to the connection between medieval swords and God’s orders. It’s going to be fantastic. So please bookmark my blog page using the link above, and join me December 2-13 for some great discussion with great writers.”

Please, join in!

Awesome Reading Review for City of the Founders

Now that Romulus Buckle and the Engines of War has released it is also generating a lot of interest (I hope) in the first book of the Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series, Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders.  This is the way it is supposed to work, with new readers discovering the series and purchasing the first book.  City of the Founders just got a wonderful 9 out of 10 rating on the Reading Review and I thought I’d post the link here.


Reading Review Header

Overall, Romulus Buckle & the City of the Founders is an excellent read and I highly recommend this book to any lover of Science Fiction or the highly popular Steampunk theme. This is one of the coolest stories I have read in a while. So, if you are looking for a highly entertaining Science Fiction book and series, you need to pick up a copy of this book today, or even for someone else as a gift. I cannot wait to see what happens next in the second book in this series entitled Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War. It sure sounds like the Founders get their wish and start a war between the clans. It sounds very exciting. I rated this book a 9 out of 10.  — Conan Tigard, Reading Review