Romulus Buckle Book Launch Party

I’m not much of a party guy any more–in fact I’d be tempted to puncture my own appendix to avoid one, generally–so it took quite a bit of work by my wife to set up a wonderful book launch event at our house on the 6th of July.

Book Release Party Reading

Book Release Party Reading

About 40 people were able to attend, mostly close friends and family. My sister and her husband flew down from Canada, bravely leaving their offspring in charge of the house.  Quite a few of my family members, friends and associates occupy domiciles too far away to the make the festivities, but they sent many warm wishes and were truly present in spirit.  My parents Skyped me from Eastern Canada where they and my youngest sister’s family held a little spirited co-celebration of their own.  The affair was catered and we put up tables and Tiki lanterns in the back yard.  My wife had the cover of the book emblazoned on the cake!

Romulus Buckle Cake

Romulus Buckle Cake

I wore my new white and blue popsicle Tommy Bahama shirt and worked the room just like Sharon Stone in Casino.  After the meal I did a brief reading from the book (I was forced by Steve and Vicki) and then released everyone from their obligation to stay.  It was a wonderful experience for me and I thank everyone who was able to attend–and those who could not but wanted to–for their encouragement and support.  We authors need corny stuff like that.

This was a small, casual celebration.  If I ever get rich and famous, I’m gonna throw a elegant dress-up bash at the Museum of Natural History.  But it could never beat how perfect this party was for me.  A special thanks to my lovely wife, Shelley–she makes it all work, every day, somehow.

Zoe’ Corner Guest Blog and Giveaway

Swing by the UK and you can find my latest guest (& hazardously-long-titled) blog “Go West, Young Crankshaft: Leaving Foggy Steampunk London for the Hazy Marine Layer of Steampunk California”) at Zoe’s Corner where I talk about why my Romulus Buckle steampunk series is set in post-apocalyptic Southern California and not jolly old Victorian London.  Zoe has also included an excerpt from the book (in England it looks like they call in an “extract”) And there is a GIVEAWAY for a signed copy of Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders, so yay!

Zoe's Corner


Booklife Guest Blog #5: One Week after Release Day and PR Stratagems

My last blog of five is up on the site and it discusses how I feel about things one week after my book release (July 2) and what kinds of promotional avenues I can pursue as a first-time author.  I’d like to thank Jeff VanderMeer and Jeremy L.C. Jones for the opportunity to guest blog on this venerable writing site!  I had a lot of fun. Article at:

Jeff VanderMeer's Booklife

Jeff VanderMeer’s Booklife

My Bookish Ways: Author Q&A and Romulus Buckle Book Giveaway

Also appearing today is my fun author Q&A at the popular My Bookish Ways blog run by Kristin Centorcelli and you can find it here at:  This is a cool book blog focusing on urban fantasy, suspense, horror and more (including steampunk, it looks like)!  My Bookish Ways is also running a signed book GIVEAWAY, so type-run, don’t type-walk and hurry over and make a comment on the blog to enter.

My Bookish Ways

My Bookish Ways