Book 1 Development Edit and New Agent

It has been a while since the my last blog posting so here is an update.  I finished my developmental edit on Book 1 on Dec 16 and had a great experience with Jeff Vandermeer who was assigned to my manuscript by 47North.  Jeff (author of many novels and also The Steampunk Bible) was fantastic and while he is signed up for Books 1 and 2 I hope I can manage to talk somebody into handcuffing him into dev editing for the entire series.  Jeff has been highly supportive and he really improved the information flow, structure and pacing of Book 1, among other things.  Also, my first Trident Media Group agent, Adrienne Lombardo, has moved on to work in the audio book world, so my new TMG agent is now Alyssa Henkin, who appears to be just as crackerjack and lovely to work with as Adrienne was.  I am going to be more active on my blog here in 2013 and I hope everybody had as wonderful a Christmas and New Year as I was fortunate to have.  Best of luck to everyone in 2013.