Book 2, Part I

I’ve made Terry Bisson’s quote “What’s a novelist anyway but a little god in pajamas?” a permanent part of my “On Writing” Page.  It is perfect.  Now plunging waist deep into the story snowdrifts of Book 2.  Hope to have lots of news to report this week.  R.

Hello to the Empty Theater

Hello, everybody.  I actually don’t expect anybody to read this because nobody knows the website is here yet, but I gotta get the ball rolling sometime, lol.  The deal is percolating for me to be able to publish the first two books in my Chronicles of the Pneumatic Zeppelin series and I am excited about that.  My hope is that this website will prove to be a fun place for information on and about the series, discussions of books and writing in general and all things even slightly interesting in the universe.  If you do end up spending a moment of your valuable time visiting my little corner of the worldwide web, I promise to try not to waste it.  Richard.